Sunday, March 31, 2013

Those days of group study ......

I was speculating my graduation days, just recall some memories of our group study. 

I was student of commerce. Our main subject was accountancy. Throughout the year we practice accounts. Hang on accounts was just not a one subject, it has different groups of it like financial account, cost account, corporate account etc. We solved books of different writers. 

I and my other pals prefer group study. We solved question we helped each other. During our study time we had fun, we cracked jokes, we laughed and when we felt fun is overlapping on our study we all say now serious, no jokes just study, concentrate... but after a while we again started. But but it's also true that when we become really serious we do study like hell. Even we solved questions over the phone. We discussed the detailed solution over the phone, via sms. We also checked out who is awake and whose not.

Those days were just freaking awesome, life goes on we can't freeze it but yes we can cherish it.animated smiley faces for orkut, myspace, facebook

Oki buddies have fun, stay connected. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

"Amazon kindle" for E- readers

Book lovers are everywhere, Most of the people like to read magazine, newspaper, novels etc. They keep the collection of it, but everywhere we can't keep it with us, If I am going on vacation I  can just keep five to six books with me. Its space consuming as well it will make my luggage heavy

We all know our generation is more technology driven. We have some software's available through that we can access lots of books without making our luggage heavy.

The Kindle is a software for reading e- books. It's produced by We can download, browse, and read e-books, novels, magazines, newspapers on it via wireless networking. I am also using it for novel reading.

E- Book files comes in many different formats we can't handle all of them. Kindle supports a large number of formats. The primary format of the kindle is AZW. It is used for e-books that we buy at amazon kindle store. Other native formats which kindle supports are .MOBI files, Plain .TXT files. We can read PRC files if it cannot contain DRM protection. Kindle can play audio file most compatible format is mp3 and audio books from

Kindle doesn't support Epub format. 

We can access kindle from our laptops, smartphones, tablets and computers.


My offline paintings.....

Earlier I displayed my online paintings. Today I am showing you all my offline painting, I mean my painting book..... :D

my signature mark for my paintings is lily. I use my nick name for my paintings so don't be astonished. :P 

The Last one I painted last year I guess, initial three paintings I don't remember which year I painted them. Anyways draw something today, relax and shape up your thoughts today. 

Enjoy Buddies.

cleaned up the mess.

Nothing especial just cleaned up my messy room....

my dirty messy room:

Now ting ting tiding:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fastest browser for Android...

Android phones are in the air these days. Every individual is magnetized by it. I bet nobody is here who won't desire to have a android phone.

Android phones need continuous internet connection because automatic updates are going on it.  We also require internet connection every second as we do lots of online works surfing, emailing, connects to social networks etc.

Those who surf a lot like me, we need fastest browser. I tried opera beta version, Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin browser.Among all dolphin browser is the fastest one.

It's the logo of dolphin browser. It works very well compare to other browsers. We can switch and open between web pages on it. Without typing a word by using our voice we can search, navigate and share. Even with its hot android apps option we can search useful apps. 

If it is not inbuilt at your android phone you can download it from a play store or android market of it.

oki bloggies enjoy surfing... 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Magical Ride,.... I am addicted ....

Magical Ride, it's an online game which is available on Facebook. It's pretty cute game and kiddo game. 

In this game a cute little young witch competing against her Facebook folks in a weekly broomstick flying tournament. It's just a simple game we need to cover a distance as far as possible without colliding with any obstacles.

I like cute little witch and unicorn but I don't like Firebird in it. it's a complete time killer game. Two days before I started playing it and now I am addicted.

We get only five lives and when you have done with all the five lives than  either we have to wait for 10 minutes for a new life or we can ask to our folks to send lives. But if we have gems we can buy a life by spending three gems.

The Colour of this game also mesmerizes me. Beautiful shiny colours are there. 
I feel like I am playing mario in an advanced version.

Try this out hope you will like it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photo editing Lover I am........ :D ;)

Photo editing is one of my favorite hobby. Whenever I get spare time I love to do photo - editing
Photoshop, ACDsee photo manger and photoscape these are the software's which  I use for editing.

Sharing some of my best work so far.

1.Most recent digital image which I created, Brand is lotte choco pie same image I created with a different tagline "Pie with choco and creamy twist" later i change it to Delicious creamy choco twist.

2. Collage editing: created in Photoshop.

3. I was sitting on chair in Classroom. I created it using Photoshop and ACDsee Photo manager.

These are offline editing, Sometimes i do online editing also, but not able to share images of it as I lost it.... :( :(

Those who are interested in online editing check the link:

You will find 28 online editing sites, one more online editing site name I recall

Try photo editing and create something... bye bye bloggies takecare. Goodnight.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Even Google wish me happy birthday... :)

Yesterday was my birthday on the 22nd of march. My friends wish me over phone and on social networking sites. This time I literally forgot about my birthday. Even I dint remember that its march. 

At 21st march's night around 11 pm my childhood friend buzzes me on Whatsapp. She asked me when is your birthday? Is it today? I replied her casually that no no my birthday is on the 22nd of march. Then she wishes me happy birthday in advance. After that I recall Ohhh!!! Tomorrow is my birthday.

Except my family and friends I got a birthday mail from, SBI bank also sent a birthday message, this was quite normal as I was aware of it.

Google really wondered me yesterday. I was only aware of  Google change its logo on homepage  if there is any occasion or any famous person's birthday; but I was not aware of that it also wishes every individual on their birthday and change their logo at their homepage for the whole day.

Yesterday I was opened to search about something. I saw that Google is written with the cakes and pastries. I thought let me check which famous person's birthday is today? I just clicked on it and my google+'s account had opened. I thought by mistake I opened my Google+ account. I checked it again. When I took cursor on the logo it highlights " Happy Birthday Lalita". So I was the famous person yesterday hehehehehe!!!!

I capture a photo of it.

Thank you so much Google. It brings a smile on my face... :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nail Art mania...

These days a new hobby I found its nail art. As I told you all earlier that I easily attract by artistic things. It fascinates me.

I am not very much found of cosmetic things. I do it occasionally depending on my mood.

I heard of nail arts but as I had small nails I never tried it earlier. Few weeks back I bought nail art pen polish to try nail art. I bought green and white colour of it.

it contains a pen point to draw.

And also contain a brush to paint.

It was a 1st nail art by me. I tried.

It was a 2nd nail art by me. it was very easy also.

It was a 3rd and best nail art so far. I paint a flower on it. I checked some videos on YouTube for it

Hope you all like it. If you like my stories please share with your friends and join my blog. :) :)

My beautiful black lady

Driving, Driving Driving...................... :) :)

I love to drive. I started driving when I was in 9th standard. I started with my father's moppet. It was just a start. Those days rarely I drove. Later I started driving frequently. 

On 2nd January 2008 I got my own bike. Before Buying it me and dad had discussed about which colour we will buy. I thought to buy red colour But later i decided to buy black one. Me and dad was arguing about it as he wanted a red one but when we reached showroom dad said so black is final na? and I was saying but dad you were saying red so I will buy red one no problem. Suddenly we both were agreed to each others choice... LOL 

Then finally dad told me whatever colour you want we will buy that only. I said black one. 

so meet my first love my beautiful black lady. its Hero Honda Pleasure. why should boys have all the fun... ;) hehehe!!!!

Its not purely black its has shades of purple. I enjoyed ridding on it. I tried some small stunts also. I enjoyed tripcy with my friends. I am expert in non gear bikes. Wait wait I am not a rash driver. My driving speed depends on the crowd. I always have in my mind that others must not harm because of me. Ok bloggies enough for today.

Bye bloggies, enjoy the rides... :) :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

creative fruits....

Hie everyone,

Hot summer season came, we all love to enjoy fresh fruits and juices on summer. 
Today I am showing decorated fruits which are decorated by me. I have given shape to my imagination and created something with fruits.

It has juicy muskmelon, green grapes and oranges.

It has papaya and slices of cucumber.  

Its just a simple and easy decoration but you can check beautiful decorated fruits by experts in Google images. 

Hope you like it, enjoy fruits and stay cool.... 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keep your PC's safe

Whenever we bought a PC or a laptop our biggest anxiety is attacked by viruses. Nobody is openhearted for viruses. Awww poor viruses. How can we adore a virus as it creates abominable situations for us. So what retribution we have for it?

We left with only option called ANTI - VIRUS.

There are many software's which are available in the market. I am going to share which Antivirus I use to protect My dearest lappy (laptop). 

I use "Microsoft Security Essential."  to protect my lappy.

 Its an awesome antivirus software so far I used. It helps us to kill those brutal viruses who make our PC's sick.

The only thing which you required is that you need an original operating system than only it will work. If you have pirated operating system then don't dare to download it. It supports operating systems of windows 7, Vista, XP.

No need to worry for its update as it update automatically. 
 You can download it free of cost from 

" Hang brutal viruses by Microsoft Security Essential and keep you lappy happy"

Sunday, March 17, 2013

creative outputs of boring sessions


Some sessions are really boring that we would like to leave, we only know how we bear those sessions. 
I am sharing some of my creative outputs during those boring sessions. my only life line to alive in those boring sessions... LOL.... :D :D

Hope you like it , share what you do during boring sessions.?????????????????? 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Buying a new mobile is a Big Task...

Hey Bloggies wassup?
Last month I bought a smartphone. It was a hectic process to select a mobile. I was damn confuse which smartphone I should buy. Its because there are lots of brands available in the market.

last month I told my elder brother I am thinking to buy a smartphone, he helped me to search out. we were checking my brother asked me how about micromax, I said no. Actually I bought micromax once and it was pathetic. errrrrrrr!!!!! 

And a funny incident also happened, my brother was suggesting for htc's mobile and I was saying that why you are telling me all the local brands, he laughed and told me about htc. This happened because I have strong brand image about Nokia. I was not thinking about any other brands mobile. At last I dint like any smartphone of nokia.

It took me 15 days to decide which mobile I should buy. after a long process we had chosen two mobiles XOLO 900 and htc amaze. Finally I ordered htc amaze on

now here comes the picture of my mobile. nice na???

actually  it known as HTC amaze only in united state and Canada, in other places its launched as HTC Ruby, any ways its too good,
  • Dual core 1.5 GHZ
  • 16 GB internal memory, 1 GB RAM, external SD upto 32 GB 
  • size - 540 X 960 pixels 4.3 inches (256 ppi)
  • Sound quality in earphone is nice but not that much good in speaker.
  • camera and video quality is very clear and nice, primary camera 8 mp, secondary 2 mp, 
  • its also have NFC but unfortunately I don't have any one in my friend circle who has this option in their mobile.
Its like a small laptop, I read my digital books in it, all the internet works i do from it, you can download whatever software as well as games from play store, I watch movies, videos in it. Over all its an awesome smartphone.

My brother teases me that if u want to throw this mobile throw at me only haann hehehhee and I told him hurrrrrrrrr its mine  ........

okis bloggies bye bye tc.... 

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