Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Checkmate story..... :) :)

chess is one of my favorite game, I can spend hours and hours without getting bored.

When I was kid I and my father used to play chess, he used to say " chal gudiya dimaagi kasrat karte hai ".

He taught me and my elder bro how to play chess. So many times I defeated by my brother in chess, I was in 3rd standard and he was in 5th standard.

One day I and my brother was playing chess, I left with a rook, king and a pawn. I was ready to be defeated. I made my mind there is no chance to win.

Suddenly my father came and I told him that Impossible to win papa, "mai haar jaunga" ( I used to talk like a boy when I was a kid as I have an elder brother.)

My father smiled and joined the game from my side and said so what we have a rook, king and a pawn hmmm....He started playing; he strategies and make another rook alive through that pawn. Then I had 2 rooks and a king.

Later my brother was in a position to get defeated , then finally I won the match. When my father said checkmate; I was astonished that I won. I was watching my father astonishingly that it really happens. I really won hainnn!!!!! 
My genius father makes me won the match.

It was my first match that I won, Before that I never won any chess match. Later my brother looses interest in chess, he finds it very boring... During my graduation days I used to play chess on my computer. Now I play it on my mobile.

Recently I won a match in mobile chess, It was an amazing game, I was playing at 7th level. I started gaming at 1 am and it ended up at 4 am. It reminds me my first winning match of my childhood.

Oki Bloggies bye,stay cool... Stay happy....  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Glad that don't fall in love yet..... :D :D

"LOVE"...... hmmm.... I don't know what exactly it is, or probably I never think about it.

When I started chatting in rediff bol I guess I was 19 at that time, every stranger in to chat ask me one common question do you have a boyfriend? And I answered NO, after that they keep on nagging me say the truth are you really single, even when people asked me this question directly face to face and I said NO their reaction were like .


And I was like WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL IF I AM SINGLE AND NEVER FALL IN LOVE ..... Why they are in so much shock...?

 Damn Still it happens... huh!!! if I am single to chacha tumhe kya taklif hai ..

There are people who are just desperate to make girlfriend/boyfriend for showoff , to get some sexual experience, or I can say LOVE SEX or DHOKA...  So many cases shown on television, when you saw it you really don't wanna fall in love.

By saying all this I am not saying true love vanish from the world. It might exist, may be very few. Even once I told my friend who always teases me about this that don't worry if I fall in love you would be the first one to whom I share about it, he is married he found his true love but I dint get a chance to tell yet as I dint fall in love ..

If true and pure love exist and if it will come in my way I will  it  in my life

Tabtak kaahe tension lene ka as I am happy and glad that I am single,Living my life like a RockstarHehehe

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