Thursday, April 18, 2013

Secret of my healthy hair...

All girls love their hair, I too love my hair.
Today I am sharing how I keep my hair healthy, silky & shiny.

I wash my hair thrice a week

Oil massage - I use almond oil, jasmine coconut oil and olive oil. As we all know olive oil is very thick oil so I mildly reheat the olive oil and mixed the other oils in it. After mixing it I apply the mixture to my hair root with the help of my fingertip and simultaneously I massage the scalp. When I am done with the scalp massage I apply the rest of the oil to all over my hair. Usually I do this process at night and next day I wash my hair with shampoo and also apply conditioner. Well I use Garnier Fructis shampoo & conditioner. You use shampoo which suits you don't change your regular shampoo. I do this process twice a week.

Egg - I apply Eggs once a week on my hair. I take three eggs but it depends on your hairs length and thickness that how much egg you will require. I remove yolk (yellow part of the egg) from albumen (transparent part of the egg) and mixed the olive oil in albumen. Don't heat olive oil otherwise albumen will convert into an omelet .. LOL. So after mixing olive oil and albumen; I apply the mixture into all over the hair. When I have done with it  I wait for two hours. After that I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair smooth, silky and shiny.

This is a secret of my healthy, silky shiny hair.... :) Hope the information is worthy for you all.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Drunken Mosquito

Hey everyone, hope you all are enjoying the stories.

Today's story is about my board exam days.

When I was in 12th standard I became completely a bookworm, I prefer late night studies. Night lamp, books and me. Well I was a commerce student.

One night when I was studying. I remember I was preparing for some theory paper. I was that much engrossed with my book that I wasn't conscious about what's going around me.

Suddenly something dropped to my book; I was not getting what it is? Than I closely watched out he was a insect but I was not able to understand what insect is this? I was trying to recognizing it. It was a small mosquito which is not able to fly because of his tummy is full of my yummy blood. His stomach was completely red. His stomach formed a circle he was that much drunk.

His flying was like a fully drunk person who is not able to walk properly. So many time's he try's to fly but again and again he dropped down to my book. At last he fatigued and was rolling on my book.

I was laughing on that drunken mosquito; who enjoyed my blood and became a sot.

Oh my gosh it was a hilarious night because I was wondering which kind of insect is this; I have never seen it before but lately I got to know that it's a mosquito.

Oki Bloggies stay healthy and enjoy the day..... :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Memorable tragedy comedy tripcy day.... :D

Tripcy ( Three in one bike).

Whenever we (me and my friends) do tripcy I drive as I am very comfortable and easily able to handle a bike with three people.

I can't Forget one memorable tricy of ours. It was 31st December 2009. I and two of my friends (Renuka and Sandhya) we planed will watch a movie and celebrate the last day of 2009. The movie was "3 idiots" an Indian comedy drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

At 31st December's afternoon Renuka came to my home and we both go to sandhya's home. Sandhya was not ready, so we waited at her home then after 20 minutes when she gets ready three of us egress from her home. When we came out Renuka asked me will you be able to  manage three in one bike. I said yes. Within 10 minutes we arrived at movie hall. Only five minutes left to start the movie. I hurriedly go to the ticket counter to buy tickets. Tragedy part; we dint get the ticket as the movie was going houseful. Three of us we laughed a lot and we were thinking now where should we go. Suddenly an uncle who is sitting at a ticket counter call us and told us three people canceled their ticket we have tickets available.

We bought tickets and finally we saw the movie, It was an awesome movie. It also has a tripcy scene, We were not looking who is sitting beside us We were just enjoying the movie. "Bole to tabla tod movie thi , idhar udhar dekhane ka time hi nhi tha.... :D "

Then we go to civic center to eat something. Sandhya said lets go to my home as nobody is in my home. Three of us on the way we were thinking that "khub masti karenge" but but at her home also a tragedy was waiting for us.

We arrived sandhya's home, we were very happy "ki masti karenge, dance karenge, gossip karenge". Sandhya was looking for keys as she was expecting that door would be locked.

Now the tragedy part the door was not locked her mom opened the door we entered we saw her younger brother is studying, suddenly her younger sister also came from kitchen side, Sandhya asked her where is dad her sister replied he is in the inner room. Everyone was at home. "lo kal lo baat"

"Aaye haye fir to humaari shakle dekhne layak thi" on that time an old song came in my mind "kya se kya ho gya" hehehe.... :D

But we enjoyed a lot.  While driving also we had fun.  Overall the day was full of tragedy and comedy. One of the memorable day of my life. I will never forget that day..... :) :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Injection Phobia.........

Cutest pic I found, the baby is so cutie-pie.

I just reminiscence my childhood days; when I was a kid I just gave same look when I got to know the doctor is going to inject me.

I just tightly hold my dads hand and insist him please can we go home. I remember lots of posters were on the wall at the doctor's clinic; my dad just says look what a beautiful poster and when I turned to look that poster doctor briskly insert the injection uhu uhu poor me... :'( :'(

Whenever I have to visit a doctor I beseech to god "no injection please". Even I supplicate to doctor uncle to give only tablets or syrups but no injection ok; but doctor uncle or I can say devil uncle he always injects.... "ufff chhote bachche ka to koi sunta hi nhi hai" 

Whoever invented these vaccines (injection) I would like to punch them huh!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My htc amaze is better than samsung galaxy grand :)

In my earlier blog I have told you all about my htc amaze. Recently my one of a friend told me he is thinking to buy samsung galaxy grand which is launched recently. A thought strikes on my mind let me compare my htc amaze with samsung galaxy grand which is better?

I checked the full phone specification at very nice website to check about phones.

 I started comparing and I got :-
  • Grand's size is 5 inches with 187 ppi pixel density, my amaze size is 4.3 inches with 256 ppi
  • Grand has a card slot up to 64 GB and internal memory is 8 GB; my amaze's card slot is up to 32 GB but it has 16 GB internal memory.
  • Internet speed of Grand is 21 Mbps and mine is 42 Mbps.
  • Grand has dual SIM, my htc has single SIM.
  • Grand has 8 MP primary camera , autofocus and LED flash, mine is also same but I have dual LED flash.
  • CPU of grand dual core 1.2 GHZ ; I have also dual core but it has 1.5 GHZ processor.
  • I have NFC but Grand doesn't have.
Samsung galaxy grand is launched recently and my htc amaze was launched in 2011 but then also it's better than samsung galaxy grand.  My htc amaze's cost is 15399 RS as I bought it in 2013. Grand's price is around 22000 RS. 

When I had decided to buy a Smartphone once I thought about Samsung galaxy grand but I am glad that I have changed my decision and bought htc amaze. 

Goodnight Bloggies stay safe... :) 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Holi is my favorite festival. It's always held in march. I connect with it very much because I born in march. This time my holi is very very nice. I enjoyed a lot.

I behave like a kid when holi comes. I always wait for colorful holi. This time I was very much excited for it because I celebrated it in my home town.

Don't even slept the whole night because of the excitement for Holi.

 I made water balloons, all set for holi...

My friends came at my home for holi, we put colors on each other, thrown water balloons and enjoyed dahi vadas made by me. Overall it was an awesome holi

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